arrangement_of_lightMargaret Mendenhall, Pastor and Author.
What is God saying…

I am always speaking to my people, but few are listening. I never expected my creation to exist without communication from me. My words are the most powerful force in the universe. The Word of my power is still upholding creation. I came in the cool of the evening to communicate with my first man and woman—that was the pattern I desired for all mankind. However, sin silenced my voice and cut off communication, so the human race went off in its own direction apart from my plan. Communication was restored at Calvary, but many are not listening. Although they have the ability to hear, they have closed their ears to my voice and gone their own way; thus they miss out on my plan for their lives. If you are faithful to hear my voice, you will not miss my best for you, and I will cause you to prosper in everything you do.