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Rockin' Ramone & Devo
Morning Show DJ 7-10am M-F




Get up, get on, and get out of the house! And while your doing it listen to your only locally owned radio station for miles 7:00a.m. - 10:00a.m. - Mon-Fri. A little about me, I’ve always enjoyed Washing The Dog!!  Devo your perverts.

I used to play football, my best moment would have to be the time in 7th grade when I blocked a punt and ran it in for a TD at Panhandle… don’t know why the AP didn’t pick that one up but it has to rank as one of the best sports moments in history.

Movies. I love movies, favorites are anything with guns and nudity (actually it’s the Wizard of OZ)…I think I remember the wicked witch in a shower scene.

If I could change one thing in the world, I would have super powers and everyone would be under the command of Rockin’ Ramone!!!

Frank Riviera
On-Air DJ 7-mid M-S



My favorite hobbies include Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. I grew up in Satan-Tonio, Texas. My favorite thing to watch is a tie between Pancho-Villa and Zorro. My favorite food is Carne Guisada. Love that stuff. The best moment In sports in my opinion is a tie between the “Border Swim” and “Border Bullet Dodge”. My favorite magazine is Playboy (love the articles).

My mom and dad always told me not to play with my ding-a-ling. If I could change one thing about the world I would get rid of the need for alcoholic beverages by taking one letter off the world “World”, making our planet simply “Worl”. The person I would most like to be stranded on an island with is Sha…Angelina Jolie. join me 7-Midnight, Mon-Sat, on KKBS, The Boss!

JJ Michaels
On-Air DJ 10a-3p M-S


Been at the boss for a long time, first in the afternoons, then to the Midday show when Johnny T-Bone showed up after he got out of prison. That's where he met Ramone, who took pity on him after he lost a game of touch football with Cellblock H. No need to feel sorry for him, though, he wears a cap to cover the scar. And, yes he is still Ramone's bitch. The emotional ones are a little harder to hide (he cries at pig roasts for his lost family and hides under the bed during thunderstorms. Otherwise, he's just like you or me. Except for the emotional and physical scars.


Dan Thomas
On-Air DJ 3-7pm M-S




Dan is the latest addition to the Boss Staff. We don't know very much about Dan, except that we want a new picture him with Budweiser behind him instead of Coors Light, since the Budweiser Ride Home scores him a six-pack a day. Sure, Ramone usually steals most of it before 9am, but it's the principal, Man! Dan is called Probie around the double wide, at least until he figures out that cleaning toilets and empting trash isn't really in the job description. Until he reads this and finds out. mum's the word.


Matt Younkin
Sales/On-Air/Hairstylist/Guy Who Talks Too Much



Radio is in my blood.  I am it, it is me.

As the son of an Air Force officer, I spent my life traveling the world from California to Nebraska, Germany to Texas.  I finally stopped moving long enough to get a degree in Telecommunications from Texas Tech University in 1999.  Oh yeah, I also did a little bit of football playing there too.  Playing is an exageration, like the accolades on my resume. I sat on the bench for the better part of 2 years while Zach Thomas and Marcus Coleman went to the NFL (all because of me being on the scout team, of course).  I'm married to my wife of 6 years, Kim and I have a 2 year old daughter, Kaci.

I began working in radio in 1996 for "Lubbock's ONLY Alternative" KTXT-FM, 88.1.  I found my way to Liberal just after the turn of the new millenium working for the now defunct "Lite Rock 101.5".  My biggest claim to fame was and will be again, the high school football talk show 'In the Red Zone' and seeing a grown man naked.

I've been bottom to top in radio and back again.  After short stints with Dodge City and Garden City radio, KKBS came calling, and I knew that I had finally found the station that I had been looking for to call home.  I'm proud to be a part of "Community Radio" at its finest. 

I look forward to resume where I left off, servicing the communities of Southwest Kansas and the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles as both a member of the KKBS on-air staff and sales staff.  I've been alot of places, seen alot of things, and I have just one question for you.  "What's YOUR story?".

On-Air Talent/Morning Show



So, I'm new here to these parts and just trying to learn the lingo.  Like, apparently, "wallago" actually translates to "a while ago".  And when folks say they're "fixin' to", that means it's gonna happen.  I have noticed that most people are friendly here, and they like to wave hello when driving by.  (With their hand, not just the finger.)  I can get used to it. Now, if I can just get used to working with these boys in such close quarters!

Just a city girl looking for a good barista and a yoga studio (jk!)  Seriously, where to find good sushi?  Well, at least I have good music wherever I go, and there's always someone willing to be your drinking buddy.  Cheers ya'll!  -G.

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